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The Re Institute is a 2000 square foot exhibition space situated in the hay loft of a 1960's barn. Located at the intersection of New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, The Re Institute is part of a forty acre working farm. This corner of the New England, commonly referred to as "Hells Acres", is historically recognized as a place outside the law.  It is traditionally a site where chance and invention take place. Also located on this site is the Webatuck spring, the largest spring in Dutchess County. It is notable for being the lost fountain of youth and the aim of Ponce de Leon search.  

The goal of the Re Institute is to allow artists to observe their work in a new context. The Re Institute hosts an annual series of small group shows, bringing together visual artists, filmmakers, writers, composers, dancers, and outdoor installation artists. The Re Institute fosters the natural cross-pollination that can occur in venues that situate artists with differing perspectives and mediums in the same space. The public focus of the installations will be the openings. These will be scheduled every five weeks, from May through October.  Dutchess County has a strong and active arts community thus visitors to The Re Institute will be dynamic participants in the projects. The primary goal of The Re Institute is to promote and enrich new perspectives, understandings, and insights in the arts within this unique and historical rural landscape.

Henry Klimowicz