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The Re Institute is interested in considering proposals from curators and artists.  The following is the curatorial guidelines of the space.

The present goal of this exhibition space is to allow artists to observe their work in new ways.  The barn is quite large and this may be the most trans-formative aspect of any exhibition.  My hope is that two visual artist will form the core of each show. Artist's work will —in subtle and overt ways —communicate with one another.  This communication may be collaborative but it could also reveal a dichotomy between the work.  

The space is able to accommodate large video projection.  My hope is that each project will employ a video component.   This might mean that artist's select or curate a video element. Or it might be some other form of projection ether found or made specifically for the event.  I also encourage artists to include some performance work albeit their own or more likely that of a writer or musician.  Some considered thought ought to go into the relationships of the parts to the whole.  My interest is not to impose relationships on the participants but to allow for the natural cross-pollination that can occur in venues that place artist of differing perspectives and mediums in the the same space.

Because of the isolated rural setting of the space the emphasis will be on the opening.  There will be about 5 weeks between each show but the art does not have to hang for this entire time.  The artist will be asked to take full responsibility for the work during the exhibition.  If the work should sell The Re Institute will take a 40% commission on sales.  The artist should not see this as a sales space but an opportunity to view their work in a new way.  

I hope enough people will come to the openings so that the artists will come away with a diverse perspective as to how the work is perceived by the participants at the opening.  Hopefully the people that come to these shows will be participants with the work and not just visitors/spectators.