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June 2nd to June 30th

Opening June 2nd, 4pm to 7pm

Followed by a potluck


The Re Institute is pleased to present the work of Enrique Figueredo


At the Edge of Lawlessness




Enrique Figueredo


Maxell Lady







Figueredo’s dynamic woodcuts, paintings, and drawings look closely at the forces and issues affecting today’s world—race, religion, immigration, power—and relates those incidents to the visual history of ancient civilizations, the colonization of the Americas, and mythology. He analyzes hardship through two lenses that are simultaneously his own: his identity being perceived as both a white man and a minority. The friction and peace he finds in polarization become the catalyst for Figueredo’s creative visual storytelling. Working through the resistance of woodcut and figurative imagery, a collision of indigenous design and colonial baroque intertwine in Figueredo’s interdisciplinary practice and self-concept. The mixed references do not lead toward a particular narrative resolution, rather they point toward a bold internal imagination.


The exhibition, At the Edge of Lawlessness, looks at a body of work that is an experimental interval in Figueredo’s artistry. After Figueredo’s first solo exhibition in New York City in 2014, Figueredo abandoned the idea of a finalized edition print in pursuit of more intimate interactions with the process. By stamping figurative cutouts of Latin American and U.S. legends and iconography on painted landscapes, Figueredo suggests that the unacquainted heroes are forced to exist in a social fantasy. In Tappan Patriots, the printed indigenous figure coyly points a plastic bottle at ghostly painted patriots, adding to the contextual tension in a war between media. Figueredo‘s interest in labor intensity and the power that traditional processes can have on contemporary societies is expressed in the material and grand scale of the work.


Enrique Figueredo is a Venezuelan-American artist who immigrated from South America at an early age. He is currently a MFA candidate at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. S





Enrique Figueredo


Las Misses II









 Enrique Figueredo

 Tappan Patriots