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 ELEPHANT Curated by Daniel Carello

Opening reception, September 8th 6pm to 9pm
Closing party, September 29th, 6pm to 8pm




The Re Institute is pleased to present “Elephant”: Shoshana Dentz, Rebecca Doefer, Pedro Gomez, Frank Oudeman


Elephant will explore the topics of physical scale, time duration, and personal memory. The title alludes to the elephant’s large physical size, and its ability to retain memories which span over many years.


The exhibition will feature Shoshana Dentz's work, A year(s) of untitled, 2008- present, an ongoing drawing, which currently measures thirty-six feet. In this piece, Dentz relies on repetition as a process “of only going forward, never going backwards and of calmly witnessing the slow accumulation of touch and time.


For this exhibition Rebecca Doefer has composed a musical recording titled Mela which combines a hazy dream pop aesthetic with soft psychedelia, gracefully blending simple electronics and with soft vocals.


Pedro Gomez will exhibit work depicting real and imagined imagery based on personal history and pop influences.


Frank Oudeman will show a video projection titled Bounce 2009-12, which challenges the viewer's personal sense of scale and point of view to deliver an abstracted image in perpetual and rhythmic motion.


Shoshana Dentz

Shoshana Dentz


Rebecca Doefer

Frank Oudeman

Pedro_Gomez_Alter_boy Pedro Gomez
"Alter Boy"