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 "I Know What Art You Did Last Summer."



September 26th to October 25th

Closing Pot Luck on October 24th starting at 5:30pm

Open Saturdays from 1 to 7 pm
At 3:30 we will go to the Watershed Center
and take a look at the work of the artist Swoon
and piece by Nick Chatfield-Taylor

Re Institute and Watershed Center present
"I Know What Art You Did Last Summer."
Major Swoon sculptures come to rest in unexpected places on
Watershed Center land.
The show at The Re Institure  looks in to some of the personal practices of Swoon Studio staffers and friends.


 Last year when the highly acclaimed show of Swoon’s at the Brooklyn Museum came down many of the larger works were brought up to the Watershed Center lands in Millerton, just down the road from The Re Institute. The staff of The Re Institute and the Watershed had already been looking for a way to do a project together. These intriguing objects are the perfect beginning for that collaboration. The Watershed Center, The Re Institute, and the Studio around Swoon all are interested in the many facets of community. Until the show is hung what we will find is unknown. We all look forward to the exploration. Here is a list of the participating artists:


Alyssa Dennis
Nick Chatfield-Taylor
Todd Chandler
Robyn Hasty
Kristen Leonard
Greg Henderson
Marshall LaCount
Robin Frohardt

Click here to see the show

Plus in the Downstairs gallery the work of Virginia Lavado will be installed.

Virginia Lavado’s drawings open up our understanding of the subconscious. We are let into these worlds that Virginia lives with every day. The process of viewing these twisted places is soothed by the beauty of the line she uses to describe the conflicts that she illustrates.


Click here to see Virginia's Show






Swoon_detail of boat
Swoon detail of Boat in the woods at the WaterSheed Center  
Robyn Hasty_03_T_2015_Ambrotype


Robyn Hasty_03_T_2015_Ambrotype


  Nick Chatfield Tayor
Nick Chatfield Tayor  
todd chandler_shorebirds


Todd Chandler Shorebirds


AlyssaDennis CycleResource  
g was a gamester


Virginia Lavado G was a Gamester