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 Chris Ketchie and Norton

Upstairs: Chris Ketchie and Norton



September 2nd to October 7th

Opening September 2nd, 5pm to 8pm

 Followed by a potluck


The Re Institute is pleased to present the work of artists Chris Ketchie and Norton. This two-person show will give both artists the opportunity to see their work together at a grand scale. This show is the culmination of their creative work developed for a series of art shows and installations over the past 2 years.




norton Mission Accomplished



Mission Accomplished



Hand Carved Plexiglass with Shadows







Norton has made a 20-foot-long translucent Plexiglass etching, titled subway pieces. This work casts shadows onto the surfaces behind it. For this installation he will be displaying the etching using discarded material from the local area: wooden boards, various fence materials, and metal sheeting, as both a stage and a backdrop for the luminous effects of this massive etching.







Ghost in the Machine(Winter)





Hand Carved Plexiglass With Shadows










Chris Ketchie’s work in painting and drawing is a physical and expressive process. It is a reaction to outside forces, personal events, fear, desire and the illusion. The making and the struggle is an attempt to understand and express this in a visual structural form.


Ketchie has for the last several years been working on a series of large-scale modular panel paintings. In 2013 he completed the first large- scale piece, "EAST" -1000 Paintings of Zhōng Guó. It is 10ft x 24ft made from 1000 wooden painted panels. The second in that series, “West,” is complete and the third is in process. Each of the individual 1000 panels becomes its own image and then just a mark in a larger picture or story. The different areas of the work or different chapters blend at their edges to create a greater story of the picture. These works are the size of cinema screens or temple walls and physically overwhelm the viewer.


Ketchie is also working with groups of canvas panels in various smaller configurations. In these smaller works there is an effort to depict a more graphic, sometimes repetitive, symbol-like images. These images often have a strong body presence. The physical experience of viewing a painting, the approach and the departure reflect the visual memories of the process of creating, stacking, arranging and rearranging the painted panels by the artist when the work was created.



Chris Ketchie

Chris Ketchie






ink and acrylic on wood_




Chris Ketchie Chris Ketchie

Defeat Surrender


Oil and acrylic on canvas