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 The Walk


Upstairs: Matt Magee and Guy Walker


Downstairs: Sandy Moore

  “Everything that is alive wants to be alive”



September 17th to October 29th


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The Walk has always informed the creative. Characterized by casual observation and an open spirit, walking is about traveling through space with an open mind.


This show of three gifted seers (Matt Magee, Guy Walker and Sandy Moore) brings together their unique views of nature and the processes we as humans use to perceive our position in that same unequivocal space.


This is not a presentation of realism but more a tangible and tactile manifestation of the working methods of three artists. All three are unflinching in their pursuit of a concrete connection between themselves, their thoughts and experiences and finally, their dreamscapes.


A collective process of realizing experience is at the heart of their work.


Matt Magge

Matt Magee


Green Standard




Detergent Bottles,

Wire Steel Armature



137" x 42 1/2"


Matt Magee:


Accumulation and retrieval are both acquisitive processes used by Matt Magee in his work. Often paintings and sculptures become records of form that in turn become suggestive of language. Drawing from mid-20th century modernist abstraction, 21st century digital technology, geology, archaeology and re-purposed materials, his work uses the handmade, hand cut and intuitive to arrive at forms both personal and universal.


For The Re Institute Magee will be creating a site-specific wall installation based on his Graphemes, a series of prints and drawings. Starting with Agnes Martin's basic grid, he'll introduce a painted language related to Morse code within the structure. And like a hunter-gatherer, Magee will collect material from the property around The Re Institute and lay out a floor piece relating to both Native American medicine wheels and Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs. Green Standard, a suspended banner made from wired-together detergent bottles will also be installed.


Various pictographic languages constructed from found and painted materials will be the basis of Magee's project.



Guy Walker

Guy Walker




Guy Walker:
Natural illustrations and environmental installations: The year 2016 brings forth the movement between nature and culture from the cosmos to the oceans all the way up to the mountains where my thoughts accrue in my Hillsdale studio. Such are the moments between the two of greatest happiness now.



mushrooms jan 2016


 Sandy Moore




Jan 2016



Sandy Moore:
Consider an amble in the woods-- looking for something, possibly foraging. The eye is attracted to colors, fragments of form and movement, and dodges about, alighting and re-alighting. The seeing on that walk is not a composed or steady flow, but consists of bursts of looking, assembled in the mind while walking or in reverie—not ordered by narrative or logic. And there may be other senses at play---it is raining or perhaps there will be a meal after the foraging?

In seeing something in a painting that we recognize--for example, moss-- we realize this is part of the beautiful world that we love seeing, and that we will miss when we are no longer of this world. By painting I try to share this seeing inside and out. In art my senses delight, hone, and find relief.

A few words about art making for me so far: After college, I studied art at Yale and made experimental films made up of many drawings. I went on to teach at Cooper Union and showed my works all around, including having the good fortune of exhibiting at several Whitney Biennials. However as fate had it, I simultaneously became drawn to the study of medicine and then went on to practice as a physician. Life in medicine is intense and allowed me to witness profound mysteries. For me the rigors of being a physician did not allow a lot of time for contemplation and art making.

However as fate pushes on, after many years I have (quite literally) stumbled my way back to painting. I did not and could not commence art making where I left off. Here are my initial explorations, so far.
Totem and friend foraging mar 2016

Sandy Moore


Totem and friend foraging mar