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 VADE MECUM  Virginia Lavado and Camilo Rojas

Saturday, September 10, 2011              VIEW THE SHOW

Closing Party: 1 to 3pm

By Appointment until September 10th



The Re Institute is pleased to presents VADE MECUM by the artists Virginia Lavado and Camilo Rojas.  A handbook or guide that is kept constantly at hand for consultation describes the dance that Virginia and Camilo have intertwined between themselves, their art, and their metaphorical studios. The show will explore the meaning of constructing a studio as metaphor to create a building as a space that first represents the surrounding where creative work is done. The world surrounding the structure would translate on the spirit outside where mythical animals will populate the inside.



Mark DeLura

Camilo Rojas will show a series of manipulated photographs, drawings, videos on the process of building your own creative space that first represents the surroundings where your future work will be developed, second the process itself of create and find solutions to the environment that facilitate your creative process. The work will not document the studio construction evolution. The photographs, drawings, and videos will be and interpretative evolution of the studio progression, since the first dreams 30 years ago. Questions like what is a studio, what role plays the working area for an artist, what is the relationship between working space and the artwork executed in that space.

Virginia Lavado


Virginia Lavado will show a series of large format drawings based on the symbolism of some mythical animals. Exploring the spiritual and sexual, the subversive and emotional in our unconscious minds and in our inner dream worlds. These ideas have being maturing for a year during the construction of the building.