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Cleopatra's presents Eye in the Sky at the Re Institute

Saturday, July 30th, 2011 3pm to July 31st 3pm       VIEW THE SHOW


Eye in the Sky is a 24-hour performance event taking place at 3pm on July 30 - 3pm July 31st.


 Cleopatra's has invited a diverse group of artists, musicians and producers to respond to and interact with the unique landscape that is Re Institute. Site-specific installations, performances, music and DJ sets will take place throughout the duration of the 24-hour event. Over 50 artists will produce black light posters, which will be visible throughout Re Institute's grounds. These posters will culminate into a book, which will be produced on the occasion of Eye in the Sky. We invite summer revelers to participate in this homage to festivals: celebrating nostalgia, community and assembly, subculture, socio-cultural traditions, spontaneity, psychedelic experiences, and the great outdoors!


Bridget Donahue, Kate McNamara, Bridget Finn , Erin Somerville


Black Light Poster








Yinyang Field