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Opening reception, June 30th 6pm to 9pm
Closing party, July 21th, 7pm to 9pm




The Re Institute is pleased to present “Photos of Things Next to Me”.


The artists Ryan Frank, Jeff Barnett-Winsby and Greg Lock explore the process of documentation through the medium of contemporary photography. Each artist looks deeply at the world next to themselves- a typically uninspired, mundane, and forgettable view. Through their heightened engagement and specific gaze, space is provided for the sublime and the beautiful to emerge.


Each arttist plan to show a combination of photographs and sculpture. Often they have begun the process of art making by creating the object that is photographed, other times by producing an object that is created out of photography.


Photography is still a relatively new medium, and still a baby in the art world. However these three artists are clearly exhausted by traditional approach and are working to create new and more playful approaches to the consumption of this media.


Ryan Frank

Ryan Frank

uses sculptural objects as frames for displaying imagery. Some of his past work has used industrial materials such as cinder blocks, shipping pallets, milk crates, mailboxes, doorways, and fences to display photographic portraits. At the Re Institute Ryan will show a new series of plywood box sculptures that display photographs taken from the same vantage point facing opposite directions. The design of the box makes it impossible to view both images at the same time, mimicking the experience of turning one's head. In addition, he will present an installation of domestic furniture pieces that collectively display a single photographed scene. Both bodies of work utilize a combination of physical object with digital imagery and in doing so create an altered and surreal sense of space for the viewer.


Jeff Barnett-Winsby

work over the last three years has been largely dedicated to the landscape. He has looked for a sense of place and home wherever he has gone. Jeff has tried to make images that belonged to one another. In short the images he creates work together to establish a visual record of his imagined narrative.


Greg Lock
transforms the real into the virtual and back again. He uses photography as a mechanism to understand sculptural form and uses complex digital processes to acquire spatial data. In this exhibition Greg will show his Barn Fold sculpture whose origins are both physical (a barn) and virtual (3D digital simulation). Greg is also embarking on a project to digitize the Re Institute and will show large scale digital prints arising from the process.