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Sunday, May 8th, 2011                  VIEW THE SHOW

Artist Reception: 3 to 5pm

By Appointment until May 14th


The Re Institute and Elisabeth Ivers are pleased to present, Larger Forces: Yoichiro Yoda, Thom Merrick, Alex Hubbard. The three works in Larger Forces explore the doctrine of decline and denigration over time. They visualize the circular nature of human and natural activity – inception, development and decay – and how there is always a finger on the repeat button.


Yoichiro Yoda’s work, The Last Days of 42nd Street, documents the decade long transformation of Times Square theaters.


Thom Merrick's piece, Suite de Nuit, 16/33/45/78 – marks the meeting of planet earth and a technology for recorded music.


 Alex Hubbard’s inclusion is a video that resembles a science experiment for the purpose of demonstrating the concepts of volition and gravity. It is a playful representation of the concept of creative destruction.


Thom Merricks

Thom Merrick




Yoichiro Yoda


Yoichiro Yoda


Video still from "Last Days of 42nd Street"


Woman asks,"What's going on here?" across the street from the Empire Theatre ,

March 1998.


They were moving the entire theatre on steel, hydraulic beams 200 feet to the corner of 8th avenue and 42nd street.



Alex Hubbard

Alex Hubbard

Bicycle Box Crash