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 FILL THE SPACE Co-Hosted with the 14th Colony

Opening reception, May 4, 3 to 6 pm
Closing party, June 1, 1 to 4 pm followed by a potluck


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The Re Institute is pleased to present "Fill The Space"

Co-hosted with the 14th Colony


The 14th Colony is a broad group of artists living on the edges of New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.  They come together to support each other in the process of art making.  In keeping with this commitment to each other, this show is open to all artists.  Please join us first by participating, and second by enjoying our artistic exuberance.




Virginia Lavado

Camilo Rojas

Donald Bracken

KK Kozik

Mark Liebergall

Phyllis Nauts

Sara Nesbitt

Joel Schapira

Diane Schapira

Colleen McGuire

Eric Korbel

Tina Hale

Harvey Offenhartz

Karin Wexler

Barbara Kalin

Dean Nicyper

Karen Kellogg

Kathleen Dietter (Reilly)

Louise Black

John Dildine

Jim Tribe

Ruane Miller

Bruce F Morse

Dorothy Fox

Katia Raskolnikov

David Crum

Nancy Ghitman

Bernard Re Jr

Anne Drager

Craig Wickwire

Elizabeth Kasevich

Elisabeth Munro Smith

Timothy Ebneth

Michael Colette

Anouk Schmitt

Diane Tomczak

Dianne Engleke

Amy Brenner

Larry Illges

Pam White

Hendon Chubb

Jane Capellaro

Brian Saltern

Karen Culbreth

Paul Sakren

Collin Culbreth

Naomi Klavun

Tina Puckett

Marilyn Davis

Joel Schiller

Riva Weinstein

Ingrid Freidenbergs

Vali Valenti

Judith Wyer

Dorothy Felske

John Atchley

Bonnie Evans

Verne Henshall

Erica Prud'homme

Sarah Sills

Cathrine de Neergaard

Erika Larskaya

Joey Sage Jablonski

Peter Cascone

Jack Feder

Nancy Zarider

Janet Newman

Locke King

Jill Gibbons

Susan Fox

Frank Grusauskas

David Valyou

Gretchen Kelly

Todd Merrell

Cathleen Halloran

Mary I. Whitehead

Cindy Snow

Carl Chaiet