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 Jason Rohlf        Tom Goldenberg

April 29th to June 3rd


Opening April 29th 5pm to 8pm Followed by a potluck


Upstairs: Jason Rohlf  “Aeronauts & Oracles”

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Downstairs: Tom Goldenberg   Drawing studio


-Jason Rohlf Aeronaut

Jason Rohlf




16 X 17 acrylic on Shop Rag 2016


Jason Rohlf:


“Aeronauts & Oracles” is my ongoing effort as an artist to collect and preserve my visual sensibilities. With each piece being the field for continued exploration as countless layers of collage, mediums and acrylic paint coalesce to become a finished painting.


The one thing I can count on in defiance of my intent and regardless of how hopeful my expectations, each attempt will undergo many revisions as I participate in the creation of a piece, with the end result ideally being the cumulative effect of the whole and not just working toward the outermost layer. Like a recalled memory once obscured things, hidden elements from the pieces past will form an essential role on the surface; often as relief, while the most hard-fought details will likely earn a swift opaque topcoat as a result of each day’s fits and starts. By conveying an urban palimpsest, many of the most thoughtful moments occur as these conflicting efforts achieve harmony and then begin to recede, resulting in the melding of competing ideas.


The end results will ideally continue to serve up a variety of visual reminders or clues telling how important certain influences have been and over time where they led. Hopefully, over many years this process will allow me to imagine the body of work as a stop-action timeline slowly revealing the newly favored elements only to see them diminish and evolve again as my changing guides and exposure leave its mark on my art making.


Connecting me to a childhood spent exploring the abandoned barns of Wisconsin, my mind filled with UFOs and the supernaturall, the vastness of The Re Institute allows me for the first time to realize my visions of an exhibition combining the feeling of a temple of cosmic cartography and an Oracle's hallucinatory insights. This show brings together many of the large-scale works on tarps and shop rags since they were painted during my residency at the Golden Paint Foundation in late 2015.





Jason Rohlf


Milwaukee PBS



Tom Goldenberg will be working on-site on the ground floor of the Re Institute from April 2nd to July 15th. Goldenberg’s subject matter has made use of the landscape neighboring the gallery on a regular basis during the last year and a half. Over the next two months Goldenberg will work directly from the landscape behind the Re Institute. The resulting work will be exhibited in the gallery/studio space allowing us to see how he uses the landscape to inform his work.


Tom Goldenberg:


I am excited to be able to work from a consistent vantage point from the back of the Re Institute Barn. It is unusual to have the same place to produce work and exhibit. The viewer will have a chance to see my working process and the development of drawing and painting in this unique way. The process and material of drawing and painting become something beyond empirical observation. The work is the result of my processes and feelings.


The Taconic Range: North of Millerton NY has been a source of many of my drawings. I worked from this environment on a daily basis over the last year and a half (it is the subject of an online exhibition Northeast x Northwest I find that the scope and drastic foreshortening of this landscape is compelling. It is a great vehicle to contrast the up-close marking with the receding furrow lines racing to the distance and the alizarin, cobalt or ultramarine hills. I like being able to incorporate drastic linear drawing into a tonal painting.


Tom Goldenberg White House Crossing

 Tom Goldenberg



White House Crossing




Ink on Paper



17 x 23