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Sandy Moore, Sara Nesbitt, Moira Kelly, Joel Foster, Serge Madikians

April 28th to May26th

Opening April 28th, 2pm to 5pm

Followed by a potluck


Upstairs: Sandy Moore, Sara Nesbitt, Moira Kelly, Joel Foster

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 Downstairs: Serge Madikians

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The Re Institute is pleased to present the work of artists Sandy Moore, Sara Nesbitt, Moira Kelly, Joel Foster, upstairs. Downstairs, Sergen Madikian photographs will be on display.





Sandy Moore Best Aura 

Sandy Moore

Best Aura

Sandy Moore:

For Sandy the gulf between what we actually see and the images we are able to make is terrifyingly vast, but this gulf is a source of inspiration. Her watercolors are rich tapestries of images entangled in personal conflicts, loves, and deep inquiries.




Moira Kelly, Chekov 

Moira Kelly



tempera and beeswax on plaster

 8x12 each unit

Moira Kelly:

Moira’s work is on 5/8's plywood panels with 6 coats of a plaster mixture developed over the years. Usually this ground is white but in some cases the plaster is marbled. A scheme or pattern is incised into the ground using a stylus and then painted freehand with a mixture of acrylic and egg white. Finally the paintings are coated in beeswax and buffed. Most of her work is small, but it is often shown in grouped combinations. All of it is intended to be handled as well as looked at.


Sara Nesbitt Blue Monkey

 Sara Nesbitt

 Blue Monkey

 42 X 46

 ink on paper

Sara Nesbett:

Sara’s work tells stories that are both in the present and imbedded in history. The characters in these tales are human, animal and architectural. Figures run, dance, and chase each other across her landscapes. They portray base feelings of desire, longing, and exploration. Her work tells a story: a history of a place half imagined, half experienced, always influenced by the cities she has lived in.



Joel Foster Mind Games 2

  Joel Foster
 Mind Games 2.

 Acrylic on paper

 55 X 55

Joel Foster:


Joel works in series, following a theme. In this series, squares predominate: from the shape of the paper to the elements within. He riffs off patterns of squares, like a chessboard gone wild. The squares are aligned and misaligned, loosely arranged in a checkerboard pattern. The eye is drawn to areas that do not quite line up. Foster enjoys the effort it takes to make the squares imprecise rather than strictly aligned. The colors are lively and sedate by turns. One color is placed on top of the other like different plates in a multi-colored block print. Effort is made to find balance giving the look of a spontaneous image with a few seeds of discord thrown in.


Joel lost his central vision to a genetic disease (Stargardt’s Disease) ten years ago. Because he still has some peripheral vision, he can still paint, but must use more tactile methods to complete a picture




Serge Madikians Final Descent Into KCOX

  Serge Madikians

 Final Descent Into  

digital print

Serge Madikians:

Serge is an IPhone photographer. He is constantly in motion. In his travels he captures the ephemeral, elusive qualities of light cast on a landscape, a barn situated in the valley, or the undulating lightness of air and mist while flying. He photographs moments that inspire him; moments which confirm and affirm his deep desire to create and his ever changing hunger to feel alive and connected.