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 GROUP SHOW   2010            

Sunday,  April 11, 2010

Artist Reception: 1-5pm



The Re Institute is located at 1395 Boston Corners Road, Millerton, NY 12546 5 miles north of the village of Millerton, on Route 63 (a.k.a. Boston Corners Road). Route 63 runs parallel to Highway 22. Number 1395 is 1/8 mile south of White House Crossing Road.


The Re Institute is a 2000 square foot exhibition space situated in the hay loft of a 1960's barn. The Re Institute hosts an annual series of small group shows, bringing together visual artists, filmmakers, writers, composers, dancers, and outdoor installation artists. The primary goal of The Re Institute is to promote and enrich new perspectives, understandings, and insights in the arts within this unique and historical rural landscape.


Matt Aarvold
Kelly Austin-Rolo
Jeff Barnett-Winsby
Rosemary Barrett
Jonathan Bee
Eve Biddle
Eve & Joel Biddle & Schapira
Dawn Breeze
Karen Caldicott
Jane Capellaro
Peter Cascone
Michael Cohen
Lindsey Coons
Karen Culbreth
Nancy Daubenspeck
Anne Day
Mark DeLura
Ben Dennis
Ghost of a Dream
Adam Eckstrom
Dianne Engleke
Tyler Fenn
Emily Fuller
Michael Gellatly
Jen Harris
Gretchen Kelly
Henry Klimowicz

4-11-10 group show
Anton Kuskin
Jesse Laliberte
Erika Larskaya
Virginia Lavado
Pieter Lefferts
Mark Liebergall
Cecilia Marshall
James Meyer
Terri L. Moore
Patty Mullins
Phyllis Nauts
Sara Nesbitt
Magaly Ohika
Susan Rand susan
Camilo Rojas
Geoff Romero
Ronald Sackawitch
Karl Saliter
Brian Saltern
Diane Schapira
Joel Schapira
Jennifer Schneeberger
Sam Sebren
Robert Sedestrom
Merrill Sindler
Eliska Smiley
Dean Eliska Smiley

Leon Smith
Cindy Snow
Jason Steed
Tilly Strauss
Willim Trowbridge
Vali Valenti
Guy Walker
Karin Wexler
Pam White
Craig Wickwire
James Woodruff