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ACTAEON Sara Nesbitt                            The Project Room: SPECIFIC GRAVITY, Lindsay Packer

Opening reception, October 6th 1pm to 4pm

ArtEast open studio, October 13th - 14th, 11am to 5pm
Closing party, October 27th, 1pm to 3pm



The Re Institute presents


ACTAEON  Sara Nesbitt    Click here to see this show


SPECIFIC GRAVITY  Lindsay Packer    Click here to see this show


Actaeon is a mixed media installation by artist Sara Nesbitt, involving drawing and wooden silhouettes to create a three dimensional environment at the Re Institute.


"Actaeon", is the name of the unlucky hunter who was turned into a Stag and torn to shreds by his hounds after surprising the Greek Goddess Artemis in her bath, Sara Nesbitt explores her favorite theme of Environment and our relationship to it.


Sara Nesbitt

Sara Nesbitt


The Project Room at the Re-Institute presents: Specific Gravity by Lindsay Packer  

Lindsay Packer’s site-specific, kinetic installations coax light, movement and film-like projections from ordinary materials. Her precise yet precarious constructions call attention to the multiplicity of storylines and histories inherent in every silent, still object around us. Specific Gravity, her first installation in the Project Room at the Re-Institute, provides a window into interstellar space along with a view of manic molecular structures continually coming together and bouncing apart.


Lindsay Packer Lindsay Packer