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Xiaowei Chen, Yukari Edamitsu, Debra Ramsay

October 14th to November 11th


Curated by Joshua Rosenblatt and Chris Ketchie


Opening October 14th 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Followed by a potluck


Upstairs: Xiaowei Chen, Yukari Edamitsu, Debra Ramsay



Xiaowei Chen

Xiaowei Chen







Ink on paper






Xiaowei Chen’s drawings demand close inspection then expel you to a distance where an ambient of decadence comes into view. Her works provide this multilayered visual experience through a style that blends the abstract and the figurative, the rational and the emotional, the alert and the subconscious, as they should belong to each other as in nature.


In her work selected for this show, Xiaowei draws inspiration from her inquiry into the concept of value. Humanistic views on value are divergent. From a broader and biological scale she proposes a perspective that rests on the common and overlooked, employing an expression that is microscopically figurative and macroscopically abstract.




Yukari Untitled

Yukari Edamitsu







oil on canvas


64' x 52"

Yukari Edamitsu:

Continuous images of war, racial tensions and political conflict in the news make Edamitsu think about who and where we are today as human beings. Her paintings primarily concern themselves with the inner world. In them she explores human emotion, commonality, and primal human feelings that are unconsciously shared by all humanity, unchanged since antiquity.

She strives for her paintings to reflect this inner world while making larger connections to natural, eternal and fixed phenomena, such as the cosmic order observed in the relationship among the Sun, Moon and Stars. She hopes the pastoral backdrop of the Re Institute will provide a stronger connection to these elements.


Debra Ramsay

Debra Ramsay Hue Place Pace One Year Of Color 2016 Acrylic Polyester Resin Tables DimVariable


 Debra Ramsay’s artwork is conceptually rigorous and process-oriented. The idea comes first; the search for materials, methods and procedures that will best support the idea follows. Her creative process develops around repetitive and serial systems. Debra develops a system utilizing subtle calculations, all the while considering proportion and interrelationships. Once she develops the system for the specific project what remains is a form of meditation: Ramsay becomes the conduit for the arrangement of shape and the placement of color.


Ramsay’s contribution to the Re Institute exhibition will touch on the ideas of time and the beauty of ordinary things. She sees color as the language of time and of nature. Her spare abstract paintings and objects, created from translucent materials will interact with the light within the space.