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August 11th to September 8th

Opening August 11th , 4pm to 7pm

Followed by a potluck


Tickle the Atman


Curated by Susan Jennings Lab Space


The Re Institute is pleased to present the work of

Janice Caswell, Chie Fueki, Betsy Friedman, Black Lake, Ellen Letcher,

Jon Piasecki,, Elisa Soliven, Julie Torres, Guy Walker, Eric Wolf, Courtney Tramposh



"Tickle the Atman" brings together a crock pot full of what we call "artists" whose works nibble teasingly the tail of their own snake. The eyes of most of these expressions of the one look out of their heads onto their creations. The makers unscrew their own skulls and carefully put their world into their own eye sockets, hitting return to see what happens. They (the artists, the art, the snake) are the all, forgotten, divided then blurred and fused again, well past the expiration date.



Chie Fueki Owl  

Chie Fueki Owl




Betsy Friedman

Betsy Friedman


 Double Zero 4


 Black Lake

Orange Triangle Thoughts Become Things and Sounds

mixed media on plywood




Elisa Soliven 01

  Elisa Soliven

"Grid Vessel"


glazed ceramic and aluminum leaf

15 x 18 x 3



Guy Walker

Guy Walker

small EGE-2


plaster, paper,  tempera



Piasecki Broken

Piasecki Broken


Stone Post





Eric Wolf

 Eric Wolf, crop, ink on paper, 2012