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Guy Walker, Julie Seidl, Richard Tinkler

July 26th to September 6th


Opening reception: July 26th , 5pm to 7pm

Closing reception followed by a potluck: September 6th , 5pm to 6pm


The Re Institute is pleased to present “Krazy Kat Hits Ignatz “, works by Guy Walker and friends. Most things in life are not straightforward, neither black nor white. Art although it falls into this most general of categories is,at its most sublime, simply right.


Guy Walker:


“How dare Krazy Kat hit Ignatz with a brick, doesn't that hoit? At the same time a cockroach, the reincarnated embodiment of Shakespeare, is just to the right of Mehitabel? They talk like Elvin Jones and do all these things that make no sense, but something just feels right. So we see each other and talk of their doings and nod because we really do see what they're up to. We don't have to look that hard.


Guy Walker

Guy Walker

Guy Walker

Guy Walker



Julie Seidl


Richard Tinker